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Technical optics

EcoGlass manufactures glass components for lighting applications. We offer comprehensive services including optical design of glass parts, optical simulation of already existing parts, production of prototypes as well as serial deliveries to our customers. We are equipped with own light laboratory for evaluation of photometrical data using goniophotometer.

Glass prisms

Glass prisms for lighting at take-off and landing runways.

Glass optics for LED

Lenses for general lighting, stage lighting, detection systems and other applications.

Aspherical and freeform glass lenses

Aspherical and freeform glass lenses for various lighting applications including car head-lamps and motorcycles with own design of surface microstructures. Lenses can be of round or other shapes.

Glass optics for solar applications

Secondary optical elements (SOE) for concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems. High efficiency and long-lasting durability.

Optics for street and industrial lighting

Lenses for street lighting, industrial and other harsh environment.