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Company profile

EcoGlass, a.s. established in 1991 is significant European producer of precision molded technical glass components for lighting applications. Glass lenses are used in particular in car headlamps, glass prisms in take-off and landing airport runways. Further applications of glass molded optics are in LED street lighting, components for solar powerplants or optoelectronic devices and assemblies.

EcoGlass provides comprehensive services starting with optical design and production of prototypes, followed by photometric evaluation of the parts and serial deliveries to its customers. Production process is backed by in-house developed technologies and patented process of glass molding. Czech glass is used as raw material for majority of products.

Further activities comprise of production of gift and decorative items, development of glass color and composition, glass color evaluation and glass properties prediction software.

EcoGlass is equipped by modern technical background both for development and production including broad experience in complex projects for its customers.