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Optical design & Consulting services

EcoGlass has years of experience developing and designing special optics for LED lighting, optical systems for airfield lighting or train headlamps. We can design optics according to your specific requirements for your application. Being glass experts and after working for more than 30 years in glass production, we design optics with respect to manufacturing limits. Our optical simulation software enables us to work with various materials and ray data of LED sources. We use illumination data or images of target to tune the result with respect to customer’s requirements. Result of our work is a 3D model of optical component/s possibly followed by prototypes and serial manufacturing.

EcoGlass has large background and knowledge base in the fields on glass melting, glass composition optimization and glass coloring. We have developed software tool ‘KMEN’ used for prediction of glass properties based on glass composition.

Demo version of KMEN software tool [60.73 MB]