The company history

EcoGlass, s.r.o. is a company which is based on the best traditions of Bohemian glassmakers. It is 100% Czech owned, is independent in its decision-making and has not concluded any contracts, which in any way limit its business activities or customer acquisition.


The crisis in automotive is subsiding and the increase in orders is visible. We present our company for the first time at the fair OPTONIKA in Prague, which is part of better known AMPER fair. We notice big demand for special lenses from glass, mainly for exterior lighting. Customers request not only lenses but optical solutions as well, therefore EcoGlass invests in software for optical surface calculations. Similar findings brings our presence at OPTATEC fair in Frankfurt am Main. After the fair we start the development of our own lenses for LED. We commence serial supplies of lenses for LED sources


The crisis in automotive industry hit our company hard. Cars with head lamps using technology with glasses lens are not part of “srotovne” – government intervention to increase the sales of new cars, so the decrease in orders is significant. Due to sales problems some of the employees leave the company and for a certain period of time we work in shortened labor week regime, based on mutual agreement.


Assembly of new press prototype for small lenses for LED matrix displays used in traffic information signs is finished. This moves the production of lenses for this application to a new level and it enables us to produce lenses up to diameter 20mm. We commence serial production of these lenses. End of year 2008 starts showing the decrease in orders for airfield lighting and for automotive, probably the beginning of sales global crisis.


The “in house” production of tools is running in full, including 3D shape control. Increase of automotive lenses production, new workers are hired. We exhibit at OPTATEC 2006 fair in Frankfurt am Main.


We commenced production of small lenses for LED matrix displays used in traffic information signs and variable traffic signs. We significantly increased production of glass optical components for airport lighting. We improved the inspection of products and tools significantly by purchasing a new 3D measurement machine with a resolution of 2.5 microns. At the end of the year we installed a new precise CNC milling centre for tool production.


We successfully finished training program for automotive and airplane suppliers. This program was organized and implemented by the government agency Czech Invest. Other car and motorcycles producers are gradually becoming final users of our products. Among prestigious belong Aston Martin and Chevrolet Corvette. Concerning the volume, the biggest are Fiat Punto and Skoda Octavia.


After more than one year of monitoring by the government agency Czech Trade, our company was announced as the best in SME segment. Technology of pressing was equipped with automatic data collection and pressing parameters for each molding cycle.


Quality system was certified according to ISO/TS 16949, which is the most appreciated standard in automotive industry. The production capacity was increased three times by construction and installation of new presses. We acquired production order for lenses for Italian railroad signalization system.


We have gradually increased our market share for lenses in motorcycle headlamp assemblies manufactured in Italy and at present we are more or less their exclusive supplier. We commenced supplies of special optical components for airport runway lighting. We have significantly increased the import of goods and we are nearing a point where imports and exports are in balance. Several headlamp assembly manufacturers have accepted our samples for their price and quality. Contracts for significant supplies, which could again strengthen the company's position in this market, are currently under negotiation. In August 2001, we achieved the same sales level as for the whole of the year 2000.


In January, we separated the company's manufacturing activities from its purely commercial activities and in association with this we simplified the company's ownership structure. EcoGlass became the parent company with a single partner holding a 100% ownership stake. During the course of the year 2000, we also succeeded in surpassing the sales figures achieved in 1999 by increasing production and acquiring new commercial contacts. This enabled us to fully replace the sales arranged by the partners, whose ownership shares in the company were purchased at the beginning of the year. It is possible to state without exaggeration that EcoGlass has surmounted one of the most difficult periods in its existence and that it has emerged from this stronger, with a simplified management structure and more flexible decision-making abilities. The new commercial activities aimed at the import of goods into the Czech Republic have significantly reduced the influence of the fluctuations in the Czech crown's exchange rate. From about the middle of the year, we significantly increased the production of lenses for automobile headlamp assemblies.


We commenced the sale of our automatic wiper interval relay in the automotive accessory market. Our quality control system was certified according to the ISO 9002 standard. We equipped our testing darkroom with a precise goniometer for the measurement of the spatial light emission from headlight assemblies and for the inspection of the light parameters of our aspherical lenses. At the end of the year, we concluded a significant long-term contract for the development of the rain sensor for our commercial partner in the USA.


We continued in the development of the rain sensor by digitalizing its functions and introducing microprocessor control. We achieved a degree of accuracy of +/- 0.005mm in the pressing technology. We commenced regular supplies of lenses to manufacturers of motorcycle headlamp assemblies in Italy.


Investments made in improving the technology brought improvements in production quality and increased the pressing accuracy. We commenced intensive cooperation with manufacturers of automobile and motorcycle headlamp assemblies with the aim of establishing our company in this market. We commenced the production of corrugated lenses and double-sided fire polished moulded lenses. We also commenced the manufacture of Duran and Pyrex lenses from borosilicate glass. At the end of the year, we again received the main prize at the Silicium Bohemica trade fair, although this time it was for the automatic wiper interval relays based on an optical-electronic rain sensor.


In this year, we succeeded in implementing fundamental changes in the organization of production. We purchased an old production building and transferred our production technology into it once the building had been reconstructed. We augmented our production capacity with further presses and increased the number of employees. At the end of the year, we received the main prize for the production of aspherical fire polished lenses at Silicium Bohemica, the most prestigious glass and glass technology trade fair held in Czech Republic.


After achieving a stable level of quality and productivity in our production facilities, we acquired our first customers for aspherical lenses, who fully relied on EcoGlass as their main supplier. We began to increase the marketing support for our products to make our potential customers more aware of them. In this year, we also developed a special glass designed for communications using infrared LED. Moulded pieces made of this glass were the first glass types to be used in the manufacture of rain sensors and automatic wiper interval relays in the automobile industry.


In this year, we commenced the production of aspherical lenses using equipment, which we had developed and constructed. At the same time, we began the manufacture of glass paperweights using the features of the optical pressing technology.


We gradually developed special glass compositions according to the wishes of the customers and we assisted in the implementation of special production procedures and technology in the facilities of existing glass manufacturers. We often sold the thus produced products to end customers, which led to the establishment of our first commercial contacts and opportunities.


We commenced our work in the field of research into glass and glass technology, as well as consultancy and technical assistance for glass manufacturers both in Czechoslovakia and abroad.


EcoGlass was established and entered in the Commercial Register.